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Feeling inspired, the project’s storyteller, poet and artists created their own work reflecting nature and seasons to share.


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Share your stories, poetry and art created through these activities to help inspire and encourage others to take part and connect to nature.

You might like to:

1. Post on social media using the #DorsetSeasons and look at and comment on others who have also shared their work.

2. Join and share your work on the private ‘Stepping into Nature Community Group’ on Facebook for an informal and friendly group who share a love of nature.

3. Email a photo of your work to: to be included on an online community exhibition.

Showcasing the art of the community.

Shadows soften the edges of the day. They flicker in the afternoon sun or grow long in the dusk 🌓 Notice the silhouettes that surround you in this moment, and how they change over the course of the day.

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They say that wood warms three times:
1. when you collect it
2. when you split it
3. when you burn it

Taken from our free Winter Seasons of Stories book.


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