This website has been tested against the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidlines (WCAG) 1.0 and was found to meet WCAG 1.0 conformance level A.

Access Keys Used

This site implements these UK Government recommendations for Access Keys:

S – Skips main navigation menus ( for text browser users )
3 – Site map
0 – Access key details ( shows this page )

2 – Home page
4 – Search results

Tapping the TAB key will enable navigating through menu system.

Access Key Usage

For Microsoft Internet Explorer users. Hold down the ALT key (Control key on Mac) and press the shortcut key, then release both keys and press ENTER.

For Firefox version 2 and above. Hold down the ALT and Shift keys and press the shortcut key.

For Netscape, Mozilla (Firefox version 1) and Safari users. Hold down the ALT key (Control key on Mac) and press the shortcut key.

For Opera users. Press SHIFT + ESC to enter access-key mode, and a list of the available access keys will be displayed. You can then press the appropriate access key to activate the link or form input. To exit access-key mode, press SHIFT + ESC again. Access-key mode will automatically exit as soon as you press an access key, or load another page.

Text browser users can use the ‘S’ access key to skip the navigation menus and go straight to the page content.