Jolly Days

We all love a day out to enjoy the sights, sounds and stories of the places we visit. But sometimes the weather, our health or available free time can stop us from enjoying the outdoors and connecting with others.

We bring you Jolly TV, a series of short films inspired by nature and the local history, to help people to feel as though they have had a stroll around a lovely place and met ‘the locals’.

There are some art and craft themed episodes coming soon that will encourage anyone to have a go at being creative.

Watch the episodes below. If you’re able, why not make a plan to visit the place for yourself one day!

Watch the episodes

Episode 1

Head to Wimborne St Giles and learn about the buildings, the Jolly Good Yarn project, and beautiful hilltop views. 

Episode 2

We’re back at Wimborne St Giles to look at Vintage tractors and St Giles House.

Episode 3

Off to Hambledon Hill and remembering the Old Farm School at Wimborne St Giles.

Episode 4

We visit Knowlton Church and Henge and meet Michael who explains its history. 

A little more about Sarah

Sarah is the founder of In Jolly Good Company, a not-for-profit company, set up to benefit people with or without memory loss in Dorset.

As we age it can be hard to feel connected or part of a community – In Jolly Good Company offers you the chance to have fun with, and feel supported by, like minded people.


Created by In Jolly Good Company and supported by Dorset Council, JP Morgan and Magic Little Grants. Jolly TV is part of the Council’s ‘Better Days’ assistive technology project for people who usually attend Day Centres, but are unable to at the moment.

To the park

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