Keep Dorset Litter Free

Litter picking is a great way to get some extra ‘feel good factor’ whilst taking your daily exercise.

Litter doesn’t only look unsightly but can injure animals and pollute our waterways. Lots of individuals and community groups litter pick to look after their local park across Dorset, some even do it whilst walking the dog, catching up with a friend or even at the same time!

More about ‘Litter Free Dorset’

Litter Free Dorset is a community campaign to reduce litter across Dorset. Litter Free Dorset is made up of a group of local organisations, charities and community groups. They all work together to reduce the social, economic and environmental impacts of litter. This is done by trying to stop littering behaviour in the first place and through clean ups.

Visit Litter Free Dorset for advice on litter picking in current restrictions.

Other tips and campaigns to reduce litter in Dorset

Don't poop and run! Bag it and bin it.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes but they all have one thing in common, poo. Judging what is socially and environmentally acceptable to do with your dogs faeces can be a bit of a minefield so we have debunked some of the myths and simplified everything…no matter the size, no matter the place…Bag it and Bin it!

DIY bags and facemask

Get creative and repurpose old textiles and material into new products. Some great tips and local community initiatives!

Bin your butt

Cigarette butts can take anywhere from 18 months to 15 years to breakdown, depending on conditions. This campaign aimed to remind smokers to responsibly extinguish and dispose of their cigarettes, instead of tossing them onto the ground.

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