Relax with Dorset scenery

An innovative new experience that brings the breath-taking Dorset landscape to you.

Dorset Mind, in partnership with local design agency, Crowd, have created a virtual experience called  ‘My Dorset Mind’ that allows you to escape to your favourite part of the County. Using a collection of Dorset scenery, you select a photo and match it to music of your choice and follow onscreen tips which encourage you to follow a breathing exercise and be more mindful.

The beginning

The website was born through an initial conversation where anxiety was identified as being the most prevalent mental health concern, amplified by the pandemic .

Mental health affects 1 in 4 people who will have a diagnosed condition in their lifetime – this is now likely to be higher. ‘My Dorset Mind’ provides an inventive virtual distraction from lockdown. Mindfulness breathing exercise can help the viewer to feel relaxed whilst focusing on the scenery and sounds of Dorset.”

Mental Health Support

Dorset Mind is a mental health charity helping those in need for over 70 years. If you need support visit their website where there are lots of useful tips, resources and advice for further support.