Search directories for activities and services that suit you

Directories are only good if they are kept up to date, have good search facilities and include a huge range of services on offer from individuals, community groups, and organisations in the public and private sectors.

To remove all the confusion on where to go to look, we have selected the two directories in Dorset that fit the above criteria and are being actively maintained and improved.

They are full to the brim with activities, services and support to help people live a happy and healthy life. If the options feel overwhelming at first then use the filters to narrow down the options available.

Please bear in mind under current circumstances, activities are changing all the time so once you’ve found an activity you like, it is best to contact them direct to check.

Our recommended directories

Live Well Finder

Search to find activities, groups and services to help you reach your goals. This website is run by Public Health Dorset.

Help and Kindness

Search the public, private and community/voluntary sectors to find opportunities for all kinds of needs. This site is run by Alacrify Foundation Community Interest Company.