Talking Tent

During 2020 many people rekindled their love of natural landscapes. Having time to sense the slowly unfolding seasons helped people to reconnect with strong memories of past experiences in the places they know and love in Dorset.

Through the Talking Tent project, audio stories were gathered from the local community of seasonal connections and personal relationships with the landscape past, present and future.

You can listen to a lovely selection of these stories below.

Talking Tent host Sarah Acton

Listen to the audio stories

Names with Mr Diffey

Mr Diffey talks to Sarah about his very Dorset surname and where it is from.

Bere Regis with Kim Whitfield

Kim talks to Sarah about her childhood home in Bere Heath, growing up on a dairy farm and life in rural Dorset.

Dorchester with Gavin Whitfield

Gavin talks to Sarah about his lifetime lived in Dorchester and its surroundings areas. Image (c) Yvonne Blackborough.

Memories of May Days past

Storyteller Martin Maudsley talks about what he loves about May Day.

Want to hear more?

If you have enjoyed these stories, you can find lots more on the Talking Tent page of the Dorset AONB website.