We Are Undefeatable

“We Are Undefeatable” is a movement supporting people with a range of long-term health conditions to find ways to be active that work with each person’s conditions, not against them.

How you feel can change from day to day. That can make being active feel like more of a challenge on some days than others.

With the support of the ‘We Are Undefeatable’ campaign materials, you can start small, and you do not have to get moving when you don’t feel like it. Ultimately, being active is about finding what works for you.

Watch the videos below to add some movement into your life.

(c) We Are Undefeatable

Move to your mood

Needing a Boost

Join Mark, Gok, and Sandra as they get moving for 5 minutes to get their blood pumping and lifting their energy for the day

Feeling Energised

Join Darlaine, Gok , and Sandra as they make the most of feeling energised and get their bodies moving in a fun and active way

Want more inspiration?

Every move enables more. Visit ‘We Are Undefeatable’ You Tube page for loads of playlists that will support you to be active through the ups and downs, celebrating every little victory.