‘Seasons of Stories: Autumn’ Book and Audiobook

Autumn is an abundant and ripe time of the year. Use the book and audiobook to help you take notice and cherish seasonal changes occurring around you.

The collection of Autumnal themes included will help you connect with nature and prompt memory, conversation and reflection without the need to step outside, perfect for those that find it difficult to get outdoors and enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of connecting to nature.

Seasons of Stories Book

“I would like to thank you for the beautifully presented and illustrated Seasons of Stories Autumn.  I read it with my husband who has Alzheimer’s.  Mention of conkers reminded him of, as a child, collecting the biggest and best to play conkers with his friends.  We both remember our mothers putting them on windowsills to keep spiders out!  For those memories, thank you.”

Watch an introduction, with readings, to the Autumn book

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“I have recently received the ‘Seasons of stories Autumn’ book in the post and I am blown away. It’s so nicely laid out. The illustrations are beautiful! There is such a variety in the book.”

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Do you enjoy listening to audiobooks?

Seasons of Stories Autumn is now available as an immersive audiobook. The content of the books is performed by the authors themselves and produced, recorded and edited by Tom Hughes to bring the the text and nature inspiration to life wherever you find yourself listening to it. Listen to individual chapters or the entire audiobook.

Part 1

Introduction to Autumn and thoughts about when Autumn begins from the local community. Begin the chapter ‘Harvest’. Duration: 4 minutes.

Part 2

Chapter ‘Harvest’ with poem ‘Leaves fall’ and opinions and stories about peoples favourite autumnal tree. Chapter ‘Apple’ with poem ‘Apple varieties in a Dorset orchard’ and story ‘Lazy Lawrence’. Duration: 4 minutes, 25 seconds. 

Part 3

Chapter ‘Ripe’ includes a riddle, folklore and thoughts on favourite jam. Chapter ‘Hare’ includes story ‘The White Hare’ and poem about the White Hare. Discussion around wild animals. Chapter ‘Hearth’ with a bit of folklore on spiders. Duration: 4minutes, 44 seconds. 

Part 4

Chapter ‘Wind’ includes poem, folklore and a Dorset sea shanty. Discussion about things blown on the wind. Chapter ‘Hearth’ includes a poem ‘The Traveller’. Duration: 5 minutes. 

Part 5

Chapter ‘Hearth’ includes story ‘Fireside Gifts’ and ‘A Fire Riddle’. Discussion around the feeling of sitting around a fire. Chapter ‘All Souls’ includes poem ‘Souling (at Samhain)’ and story about Old Tom. Duration: 3 minutes, 45 seconds. 

Part 6

Chapter ‘Fox’ includes story ‘The Fox Women’ and ‘Reynard the Fox’and a final autumn blessing. 

Full Audiobook

Listen to the audiobook from start to finish. Duration: 26 mins 56 seconds


This book was created by Sarah Acton (poet), Martin Maudsley (storyteller) and Spike Golding (designer) in partnership with the Stepping into Nature team and funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. The audio book were written and narrated by Martin Maudsley and Sarah Acton. Produced, recorded and edited, plus extra narration and music by Tom Hughes. Recorded at Bridport Youth and Community Centre. Spoken word and questions answered by Amy Farleigh, Ray Grantham, Briony Collin, May Hughes, Kate Genevieve, Jon Densborough and Spike Hughes. Freesound.org sound effects recorded by James MM Cardle (countryside walk) Klangstrand (fireplace) Kyles (soft breeze) Ben Boncan (owls) Sound Mary (old tractor) Philip Goddard (woodland walk with acorns dropping) Inspector J (church bells) Megashroom (cider pouring) The Tiniest of the Badger People (birds in Autumn) Kubuzz (horse whinny) Telezon (horse galloping) Bosc 1 (wind howling) Glaneur de Sons (wind) Astounded (gusty wind) Ivolipa (wind and waves) Justkiddink (seagulls) Craig Smith (ship creaks) Audacitier (door knock) Bulbastre (old door lock) Jared Gibb (door creak) Joe Deshon (grandfather clock) Faith Echetty (leaves rustling) Aiduxxx (fireplace 2) Justkiddink (bonfire) Jaylls (dog panting) Angellu 16 (dog bark) Robin Hood 76 (ducks quacking) Luzanne (door opening) Incarnadine (simmering pot) Heyheyhhere (fox skin thrown) Zabuhailo (fox walks)

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