'Seasons of Stories: Spring’ Book and Audiobook

The longing for spring to arrive is a feeling we can all relate to. In this book we celebrate the changes occurring in spring, from the shy and understated signs of early spring to an explosion of life, energy and vibrancy in late spring.

This book and audiobook  will help you connect with nature and prompt memory, conversation and reflection. It can be enjoyed outdoors in the landscape it was inspired by or, indoors – perfect for those that find it difficult to get out and get the wellbeing benefits of nature.

Scroll down to view the digital version- we would love to hear what you think and how you have used it- please lets us know by emailing us on stepin2nature@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk

Spring time lambs on Eggardon Hill. (C) James Loveridge.

Download a PDF of the book

Enjoy this digital version of the book or download and print.

“Thanks so much for the lovely book. I am reading a couple of pages a day and adding my own thoughts, sketches and embellishments to it, so it is very therapeutic. It has been well thought out and well laid out. I am hoping there will be one for every season.”

- Feedback from recipient of a seasonal book

Do you enjoy listening to audio books?

Listen to the Dorset based authors, storyteller Martin Maudsley, and landscape poet Sarah Acton perform their stories, poetry and riddles. To help bring these to life we worked with Tom Hughes to professionally pull it together and use sound effects to capture the feelings of nature to where ever you find yourself listening. Listen to the individual chapters or the entire book.

Part 1

Thinking about when Spring starts. 
Story on ‘First Flowers’. 
Additional on flower folk names.
Taken from book chapters ‘Introduction’ and ‘First Flowers’

Part 2

Poems on flowers of spring.
Additional smells of spring , riddles, sayings.
Taken from book chapters ‘Greenery’, ‘First Flowers’.

Part 3

Poems ‘In the Garden’, ‘Easter’. 
Story ‘The Cherry Tree’, ‘The Skylark’
Taken from book chapters ‘Greenery’ , Blossom, ‘Eggs and Nests’

Part 4

Stories ‘The Magpie Nest’
Poems ‘Spring Clean’
Additional riddle, folk tales, bird songs and sights
Taken from book chapters ‘Eggs and Nests’, ‘Awakening’

Part 5

Stories include ‘Willow wife’
Poems include ‘River to Sea Shanty’
Additional sounds of spring
Taken from the book chapter ‘Rain’

Part 6

Stories on ‘Bluebell Beliefs’, ‘The Wareham Cuckoo’.
Poems on ‘May Day’
Taken from book chapters ‘Colour’ & ‘Cuckoo’
Finishes with a spring blessing

Entire book

Listen to the book from front to back in one go.


This book and audiobook was created by Sarah Acton (poet), Martin Maudsley (storyteller) and Spike Golding (designer), Tom Hughes (audio) in partnership with the Stepping into Nature team and funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.  Further Spring Audiobook Credits Written and narrated by Martin Maudsley and Sarah Acton. Produced, recorded and edited, plus extra narration and music by Tom Hughes. Recorded at Bridport Youth and Community Centre. Spoken word and questions answered by Amy Farleigh, Marco Rossi, Ray Grantham, Spike Hughes, Emerald Butterfield, Rosie Aburrow and Bryony Collin. Sound effects from FreeSound.org contributors: Phil Brice (birdsong) Squashy555 (pigeon) Ben Bojangles (sheep) Acclivity (hedgerow and wedding bells) Leafs67 (rain) Jake Harries (rain) Juskiddink (rooks) Amy V Mallett (woodland birdsong) Ben Drain (mower) Inchadney (garden) Reactor Factory (secateurs) Ben Boncan (owl, skylark and song thrush and lambs) Le Abbay Noirlac (market) Ali 6868 (digging) Jo Fae (pig) Nature Notes UK (blackbird and magpie) Jack The Murray (stream) HopeSounds (bird taking off) Kyles (tree felling) Nico Prosen (river) Herbert Boland (river) Plant Monkey (cuckoo)

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