Winter Conversation Postcards

A photo or sound can evoke many thoughts, feelings and memories. Below are some short clips that use Dorset’s wintery scenery combined with a sound that you might hear if you were there to feel as if you are in the photo.

Under each of the clips you will find some example ‘prompts’ to help you involve your senses. What else would you see, hear, feel, smell or taste if you were there?

Spark conversation with others

These videos can be a great tool to use between friends, family, carers and particularly people living with cognitive impairments such as dementia. Ask questions like, ‘what do you think that place would smell like?’ to really help involve your senses and engage in the images and see where the conversation goes. We often find one subject will lead to another, and before you know it all kinds of fond memories are flooding in.

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Winter Village

See – The ducks are looking for a drink from the frozen stream

Hear – All is still and quiet – except for the quacking ducks Hand/Touch – Fingers all numb from making snowmen and throwing snowballs 

What do we need to build a snowman?

Winter Walk

See – Muffled footsteps as we walk through the blanket of snow

Taste – catching snowflakes on our tongues

What’s your favourite winter game?

Glowing Sunset

See– pinks, purples, many colours reflecting off the still water 

Hear– Listen to the birds heading home to roost 

Feel – the sun has lost its power but we can still feel the warm colours on our skin 

What winter colours do you like?


See – Frost crystal, growing on the brambles making nature look strange and beautiful.

Hear – The robins sings his sweet melody, singing to stay warm I wonder?

Feel – The winter chill on our skin, Jack Frost is nipping at our nose. 

Storm Breaking

Hear – water crashing up on the wall, throwing debris onto the path 

Feel– the spray from the stormy water gets blown on our skin 

Would we find flotsam or jetsam?


See– stars lighting up the night sky, is that the milky way? 

Hear – the night time coming to life, with distant waves lapping at the shore
The sun is heading to bed and the moon is coming out to play 

What would you say to the man in the moon?

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