Health app finder

Most of us use apps in our daily lives to make our lives a little easier, be it to catch up on the latest news, connect with family or to simply share a photo of what we’ve had for dinner! More recently, however, there has been an explosion of apps to support our health and wellbeing. There are hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from so how do we begin to pick the right one?

In a review of apps, 85% fell below the quality thresholds. We therefore need we are choosing apps  which will provide a good experience, be safe to use and provide good clinical advice.

Unlock the power of digital health

Developed by clinicians, ORCHA’s AppFinder gives you unlimited access to thousands of independent app reviews across all health conditions, each of which includes a breakdown of key assessment criteria relating to Clinical Assurance, Data Privacy and User Experience.

The app library is free to use and includes apps for a range of health conditions, from managing joint and muscular problems, to anxiety and how to improve mental wellbeing.

Heard enough? Visit the Health App Finder and once there, use the filters to narrow your choices. 

Watch how the review process works

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