Book and Audiobook of ‘Seasons of Stories: Summer’

Summer days are warmer and longer, the sun rises early and sets late. Nature flourishes, rich in colour and fragrance, full of nature’s song.

Enjoy journeying through the chapters of summer told through story, poetry, traditions and imagery, and savour the memories, reflections and conversations it evokes.

You can enjoy the Summer book in many ways:

– View the book online or download a copy to print.

– Listen to the audiobook, narrated by authors Martin Maudsley and Sarah Acton. Scroll down to listen to the individual chapters or the entire audiobook.

Summers days: Extract from the Seasons of Stories Summer book

Download a PDF of the book

Enjoy this digital version of the book or download and print.

“Thank you for your creativity and insight which has resulted in what makes the book Great.  Not too full of words nor, indeed, not too little a literary input.  Congratulations. “

- Feedback from recipient of a seasonal book

Do you enjoy listening to audiobooks?

Seasons of Stories Summer is now available as an immersive audiobook. The content of the books is performed by the authors themselves and produced, recorded and edited by Tom Hughes to bring the the text and nature inspiration to life wherever you find yourself listening to it. Listen to individual chapters or the entire audiobook.

Part 1

Introducing summer with ‘The Tree Song’ and the book chapter ‘Dawn Chorus’. Includes a dawn chorus poem, story about ‘The Song Thrush’ and the ‘Serenades’ poem. Duration: 3 minutes 40 seconds.

Part 2

Chapter ‘Butterflies and Dragonflies’ includes folk tales, traditional names for butterflies in Dorset, poem on Pollinators. Chapter ‘Meadow Flowers’ includes tales of Oxeye Daisies and the month of May. Duration: 3 minutes, 13 seconds

Part 3

More from the chapter ‘Meadow Flowers’ including the story ‘Lazy Tom’. Chapter ‘Celebrations’ with traditions, a riddle and what to bring for a picnic? Duartion 4 minutes 45 seconds

Part 4

Chapter ‘Heat’ with postcard reading and ‘The Brave Kingfisher’ tale.Chapter ‘Seaside’ with reading of ‘Seagull’. Duration: 5 minutes

Part 5

More from chapter ‘Seaside’ with tale of ‘Raven Brings the Tide’. Chapter ‘Trees and Shade’ with a reading of the song ‘Tree to Sea’ . Duration: 4 mins 27 seconds

Part 6

More from chapter ‘Trees and Shade’ with the tale ‘Heart of Oak’. Chapter ‘Sunset’ with folk tales, and a summer blessing. Duration: 4 mins 30 seconds

Full Audiobook

Listen to the entire audiobook without stopping. Duration: 26 mins 41 seconds


This book was created by Sarah Acton (poet), Martin Maudsley (storyteller) and Spike Golding (designer) in partnership with the Stepping into Nature team and funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. The audiobook was written and narrated by Martin Maudsley and Sarah Acton. Produced, recorded and edited, plus extra narration and music by Tom Hughes. Recorded at Bridport Youth and Community Centre. Spoken word and questions answered by Amy Farleigh, Ray Grantham, Briony Collin, Alex Green, Gerald Hughes and Jim Shearman. Sound effects from contributors: Inchadney (plane) Rich Wise (birdsong) Rach Capache (crickets) Juskiddink (woodland birdsong) Ben Boncan (songthrush) Virtual Window Coza (lock) Gneube (lifeless bird) Francois (bird cage) Squashy555 (dawn chorus) Kyle Cuts Films (pond) Xserra (bouzouki) Acclivity (bumblebee) Bruno Auzet (meadow) Puzzle Audio (meadow) Baryy (meadow) Psycho Pancake (tapping metal) Squidge613 (public in park) B Federi (pouring wine) Forfie (fire) Kings Row (fire) Flood Mix (forest stream) Justin EOU (steam) Fission9 (thunderclap) J Bond (raindrops) Strange Horizon (raindrops close) Morgan Purkis (rain in woods) Klaanbeeld (seaside and woods) Robin Hood (swimming) Bidone (raven) Straget (big waves) Nebulous Flynn (birdsong & crickets).

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