Set up a Sing and Stroll Group

Sing and Stroll combines the benefits of walking, singing together and being out in nature all into one! Whilst it may sound ‘odd’, when you take part you’ll be laughing, feeling invigorated and making friends in no time!

The walks take in the outdoor scenery and are invigorating but gentle – more of a stroll than a hike!

The Story behind the first ‘Sing and Stroll’

The first successful ‘Sing and Stroll’ group was set up in Bridport through the Stepping into Nature project with Peter Grech and Tine Bridgman leading the sessions. It proved really popular and so, to help others take this novel approach and set up something a little different in their local towns and villages, a toolkit has been produced. The toolkit explains every step from the set up and promotion to delivery and safety.