Reconnecting with dance

Bridport Youth Dance

Bridport Youth Dance runs dance classes for ages 4 – 21 years and workshops with leading teachers and choreographers from across the UK. Led by dance teacher and choreographer Nikki Northover, Bridport Youth Dance consists of Bridport Boys Dance group, Summer Dance Scene and an exceptional annual production in Bridport, Dorset.

Emerging from lockdown

As the Bridport Youth Dancers came out of the first lockdown, the studio doors had to remain shut, so not wanting to stop, they decided to continue their work outdoors.

As part of their outdoor programme they created a scenic, beautifully choregraphed video along with magical locally produced music.

The film features the advanced dancers from Bridport Youth Dance together with a younger dancer Connie in beautiful scenery from all over Dorset.

Bridport Youth Dance

“Above all, what was so wonderful was to reconnect …to be dancing in our beautiful environment and to be together after almost five months apart. Here we are emerging…”

Watch the film


Directed and produced by Nikki Northover. Music by Andrew Dickson with vocals by Georgia Collins. Filmed and edited by Elliot Millson. Choreography by Nikki Northover and the dancers Bridport Youth Dancers: Rory Armstrong, Rosie Hyde, Reuben Squirrell, Chiara Sidebotham, Elfin Bonome, Similce Jacobson, George Green, Louis Donovan and Connie Vicary. 

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