Land of Bone & Stone: A Journey through the South Dorset Ridgeway

The unique South Dorset Ridgeway

Hidden in the hills between Dorchester and Weymouth lies a remarkable landscape, the South Dorset Ridgeway. Not just an ancient trackway but a ridge of high land that has attracted people for thousands of years – to celebrate life and bury their dead.

Experts tell us that this ridge of land is as important as Stonehenge and Avebury for the scale of monuments and what they tell us of life in the past, but still remains one of the UKs best kept secrets!

The ridgeway is not only steeped in history but has some incredible views and walks.

Watch this amazing short film celebrating the art and landscape of a unique part of Dorset. Look out for some of Dorset’s most iconic views, including Abbotsbury and the Fleet, Eggardon Hill, the Valley of Stones and Hardy’s Monument.

Ridgeway Tumulus Infrared

Watch the video

The people behind the film

The film features 11-year-old Charlotte Gale from Dorchester and is set to ‘To The Stones’ by folk band Ninebarrow from Swanage. Simon Vacher was the photographer and editor, with the addition of a night sky to dawn time lapse by Stephen Banks, also known as the Dorset Scouser. Nikki Hawkins directed.

Explore the South Dorset Ridgeway further

South Dorset Ridgeway explorer guide

Download the Dorset AONB guide to the great sights, walks and days out in this most ancient landscape. It’s an intriguing mix of wildlife, geology and history, yet remains one of the UK’s best kept secrets!

Myths and Legends: Stories inspired by the landscape

Local storyteller Martin Maudsley worked with 180 school children from six schools to create this imaginative and fun series of Ridgeway myths and legends. We invite and encourage schoolchildren, teachers and families to read the stories aloud to each other to fully enjoy them.

Celebrate it's magic and explore using the soundscape apps.

Use these soundscapes apps to explore and learn about the history, myths and legends in a tour like no other! As you walk a route around the South Dorset Ridgeway, the apps will respond to your where you are by producing sound(music, poetry, historic stories) at particular locations. 

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