Inspiration Hill

Inspiration Hill is about taking the time to savour the moment, catching sight of the beautiful, and becoming aware of the ever changing world around you.

In this zone, see the delights of nature in new and thought provoking ways. Watch a collection of awe-inspiring films captured in Dorset, enjoy thoughtful seasonal based stories and poetry and be mesmerised by live wildlife footage. Take notice of your thoughts and feelings as you move through each of these activities.

So…switch off or move away from any distractions, get comfy and be captivated by these activities.

Inspiration Hill Activities

Go to the park

Picnic in the Parks has many more activities for you to enjoy. Head back to map and explore the other zones.

Inspirational art, stories and poetry

Feeling inspired, the project’s storyteller, poet and artists created their own work reflecting nature and seasons to share.

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