Think global, act local

The idea of ‘Think Global, Act Local’ has been around for many years now but with heightened coverage of our changing climate in the media now, it’s really important to be able to turn your concern about global environmental issues into local action.

Local people play a vital role in the Dorset National Landscape through parish and community planning, volunteering and direct hands on activity – all helping conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the area. We also have a good record of diverse organisations and businesses working together to do their bit for the environment – it is often the most unlikely partnerships that have found creative solutions to the knottiest of landscape issues!

If you are keen to get outdoors, you can try your hand at traditional skills like dry stone walling and hedgelaying to make a difference. But you don’t have to be physically active or with lots of spare time … there is also a lot you can do from the comfort of your sofa at the end of the day!

Volunteer group at Arne

Turn your own ideas into action

If you have a local project in mind but don’t know where to start, we can offer advice and also have four funds for local action:

The Farming in Protected Landscapes programme is open to all farmers and land managers in the AONB, to benefit nature, climate, people or place.

The Dorset National Landscape Fund supports local communities to keep the landscape in great shape for future generations to enjoy.

The Dorset Community Tree Fund helps communities plan, plant & care for trees in their local area.

The Wytch Farm Landscape and Access Improvement Fund is available for projects in South Purbeck and is open throughout the year.

Dorset Fingerposts need a helping hand

Fingerposts are a common feature of the Dorset countryside and their design is thought to be unique. Along with other roadside features like traditional phone boxes and bridge plates, they contribute to local character. If you are interested in restoring a fingerpost in your local area, the Dorset National Landscape Fingerpost project can support you to become a Fingerpost Champion. Fingerpost champions can be small community groups, Parish Councils, individuals, a local business or maybe you know a tradesman who can offer workshop space or skilled services.

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Renovated fingerpost at Charminster

Getting hands-on

Try you hand at the dry stone walling in the summer and hedgelaying in the winter to help keep these traditional features in our landscape.

Head to a community woodland to help get them in good shape for wildlife … and you may get some free firewood as a reward.

Conserve some of our ancient monuments on the South Dorset Ridgeway, clearing scrub to reduce root damage and helping establish long term grazing.

Contact Jill Hearing, our Reconnecting the Landscape Project Officer for more information.

Litter Free Dorset

Litter Free Dorset work local organisations, charities and community groups to reduce the social, economic and environmental impacts of litter.

This is done by trying to stop littering behaviour in the first place through projects and campaigns. They also work together with litter picking groups to help coordinate regular clean ups.

All supporters want a Litter Free Dorset that acts in ways that help to achieve this and encourage other people to do so too.

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Litter Free Dorset
(c) Nathalie Amagat Roberts

The Dorset National Landscape Team can always use a helping hand too!

We are a small team with big aspirations, good at juggling lots of projects while looking ahead for the next big thing. If you have the odd hour or day to spare, we are always in need of help:

  • Walking and cycling to check our promoted routes are still accessible
  • Spreading the word through social media, poster campaigns and proof reading publications
  • Mapping resources on our website such as fingerposts
  • Offering a spare pair of hands at events we attend

Contact Kate Townsend, our Project Support Officer for further information.