The FLAVOURS project is finding ways for people from ethnic minority and refugee backgrounds, community groups, and individuals living in Dorset, to explore and discover a range of farms and open spaces within their local landscapes.

Food will be the focus of all our activities – to share food and drink in all its glorious expressions, from picnics, shared lunches and recipe swaps, to baking and cooking together, sharing food stories and traditions!

About the Project

The FLAVOURS project offers new opportunities for people to get a taste of Dorset’s outstanding landscape.

The vital ingredient for this project is an enthusiastic partnership between the Dorset National Landscape team, Dorset Race Equality Council, Dorset Food & Drink and Activate Performing Arts, with support from the Farming in Protected Landscapes programme and the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The project aims to engage a wider range of people in the food-related landscape heritage of the Dorset and Cranborne Chase National Landscapes. It will make new connections with ethnic minority communities in Dorset, using food as a common language to explore green spaces within the protected landscapes.

Inside Out Dorset Collectief Walden (c) Nichon Glerum

Join in!

A series of taster events such as farm walks, countryside picnics and other related events will kick off the conversations and explorations over the late summer & autumn 2023.

The Inside Out Dorset Festival in September will then create the space for more food and landscape explorations at Wild Woodbury near Bere Regis.

Having got a taste for the Dorset landscape, FLAVOURS looks forward to co-creating a delicious mix of food and landscape activities with community groups and Dorset Race Equality Council during the autumn of 2023 and through the seasons of 2024.

If you would like to know more about this project or get involved, please contact Sue Dampney, Dorset National Landscape Culture, Community & Learning Officer