The Dorset National Landscape Partnership Board meets twice a year and is made up of 19 organisations representing local and environmental interests, local landowners, businesses, environment groups, local authority representatives and various government agencies. The Partnership guides the work of the National Landscape Team, agrees an annual budget and Delivery Plan. Core funding comes from Defra and Dorset Council.

The Dorset National Landscape Team

Dorset National Landscape has a small team who work in partnership with many others, bringing together landowners, the local community and other organisations to create and deliver our Management Plan. Through this plan, our team and partners make sure that Dorset National Landscape is a beautiful, thriving place that all people feel they can be part of.

The Partnership has a core team of 7 (equivalent to 6 full time) and several people working on projects. They work to:
• Provide landscape planning advice
• Promote an understanding of the AONB and how to care for it
• Fundraise and develop new resources for delivering the management plan
• Manage and guide relevant projects

Who we are

The team is hosted by Dorset Council and works to ensure the conservation and enhancement of the Dorset National Landscape.