Our mission

Dorset National Landscape is beautiful, but people make it outstanding. Our mission is to protect and regenerate this designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. And to make sure everyone can enjoy it.

As a small team, we work in partnership with many others. Bringing together landowners, the local community and other organisations to create and deliver our Management Plan.

Through this plan, our team and partners make sure that Dorset National Landscape is a beautiful, thriving place that all people feel they can be part of.

Dorset National Landscape's special qualities

The natural beauty of this National Landscape is described in ‘special qualities’ that together make it unique and outstanding. These are the elements we need to protect and regenerate for the future and they should be considered in all decisions affecting the National Landscape. The special qualities of the Dorset National Landscape are:

Ways of working

Our 5 year Management Plan prioritises and inspires action. We work with communities, landmanagers and partner organisations to make things happen. These projects show more of our ways of working:

Funds available for local action

The Farming in Protected Landscapes programme provides funding to farmers and land managers (and others working with them), for projects that support nature recovery, mitigate the impacts of climate change, provide opportunities for people to engage with the landscape and cultural heritage, or support nature-friendly, sustainable farm businesses.