About the event

See in the dawn this summer solstice, with acclaimed performance artist Lorna Rees and friends, as we gather at the Black Down Stone Circle, a modern interpretation of the ancient monuments of the South Dorset Ridgeway.

Situated high up on the ridgeway with views across Dorset, the circle consists of five ‘totems’ built from local Forest Marble stone. One is aligned with true north and the other four with the midwinter and midsummer solstice sunrises and sunsets.

In clear conditions at each of these times, the Sun’s full disc shines through an opening in one of the totems, lighting up a central rock of Portland stone.

Suitable for all ages

NB: Route will follow well made paths with the additional slightly rougher path.


Black Down, Portesham

Date and times


  • All places FREE

This event is part of our Dawn to Dusk Festival 2022

We invite you to see Dorset in a new light as we head out to enjoy our outstanding landscapes from early morning through to the ‘golden hours’ of summer evenings.

Join artists, story-tellers, wildlife experts, archaeologists and more on our summer programme of FREE events across the county.

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