Lewesdon Hill

An alluring National Trust Hillfort, great for den building, shady picnics, fascinating fungus and fiery autumn hues.

Take a closer look

This hill boasts the highest point in Dorset with views between the trees over Devon, Somerset and out to sea.  Standing at 915 feet (279 metres) Lewesdon Hill, along with nearby Pilsdon Pen, dominates the surrounding landscape. It’s certainly an alluring hill fort, although being enclosed by woodland the views aren’t uninterrupted, but the glimpses of the surrounding landscape you do get through the trees are worth the climb to the top.

You can also see parts of the original Iron Age bank and ditches, and in more recent times it was the site for one of the Armada Beacons in 1588, used to warn of an impending attack by Spain.

Visit in spring to see a carpet of bluebells and then return in autumn to see fascinating fungus on the big, old beech and oak trees. Build dens and picnic under the ancient, shady trees – fun for all ages.

Walk a little or a lot

From the village of Broadwindsor follow the steep footpath leading up to the summit. It’s about 1 mile. Once you’ve reached the top the hill levels out onto a plateau and is a grassy surface surrounded by woodland.

For a longer leg stretch park, cycle or take the bus into Beaminster then follow the Wessex Ridgeway Trail westwards over Gerrard’s Hill and onto Lewesdon Hill.

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