December / January update

Progress continues as the project enters its final phase.  On the ground, alongside the new cattle grids you’ll notice new fencing has been erected to form the boundary of the grazing unit and some ditch & bank works have taken place.

Roadside ditch & bank works (c) J Ferguson


  • New, replacement and pig-proofing of existing fencing across the area is close to completion, with removal of decommissioned fencing scheduled by end March.
  • Roadside ditching & banking undertaken along Arne Road, Soldier’s Road and the Slepe-Norden Road.
  • Internal ditches established/refreshed to form appropriate boundaries with adjacent landowners’ land
Boundary Fencing at Arne (c) J. Ferguson

New pig-proof outer boundary fencing has been installed to define the new grazing area.

Roadside ditch & bank works (c) J Ferguson

Ditch & banking work has been completed.

Internal ditching works by Alaska (c) Rick Bossons

Internal boundary ditching has been dug out.

Livestock arrangements

  • Operating arrangements have been further clarified with the graziers. This includes agreeing  both joint & collaborative measures where appropriate.
Cattle Grazing on heathland at RSPB Arne (c) RSPB

Ecological monitoring

  • Data monitoring arrangements continue to be refined and a monitoring calendar set up for future ecological monitoring.
  • Extra ‘trail’ cameras have been purchased and deployed by Bournemouth University to enhance ecological monitoring of the site.
Nightjar at RSPB Arne

Tourism & Engagement

  • Further engagement with local businesses involved in co-creation of Sustainable Tourism Plan for the Purbeck Heaths National Nature Reserve. (NNR) took place. The Sustainable Tourism Plan will be launched in March
  • Interpretation signage has been designed and forwarded onto the company commissioned for fabrication.  Signage will be installation by end Feb/early March at key access points to the NNR.
  • The content for the new Purbeck Heaths NNR website is being drafted, ready for launch in March.