Over the past year, the landscapes of Dorset have benefitted from the extensive funding and expertise brought in by the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership.

Between April 2021 and March 2022, over £2 million has been invested in the natural beauty of the Dorset AONB, in turn benefitting wildlife and people across this nationally important protected landscape.

With this financial support, we have brought together land managers, communities, businesses and visitors to help conserve, enhance and celebrate the very diverse landscapes that are so special to Dorset.

This work has been made possible by the generous national funders, transforming every £1 of Dorset Council support to over £41 of action on the ground.

“The Dorset AONB team have played a unique role this year – leading, supporting and brokering relationships that help nature recover and people connect.”

- Dr Phil Sterling, Dorset AONB Chair