Landscapes for Life Photo Competition 2020

Sixty years ago, almost half of Dorset was officially recognised as OUTSTANDING – an astonishing mix of beautiful landscapes and great views. As part of the 60th anniversary celebrations, we’ve been keen to find out what YOU think is so special about the AONB landscape, through our Landscapes for Life Photo Competition.

In conjunction with Dorset Magazine and with support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, we are delighted to announce the Winners, Runner Ups and Highly Commended entries to the Open Category.

Winner of 2020 Photo Competition (c) James LaBouchardiere

Winner: James LaBouchardiere

James works as a GP in East Dorset and is part of the award-winning folk duo Ninebarrow with Jon Whitley. “Our music is heavily influenced by walks in the Purbeck Hills and beyond.”

The judges said this winning image captured the very essence of a summer day on the Dorset coast with its profusion of wildflowers and grasses swaying in the gentle breeze. See more images from his walks at

Delcombe in Spring (c) Tony Gill

Runner Up: Tony Gill

Having been born and raised in Dorset, Tony Gill feels a deep-seated need to connect with his surroundings.  “Living with stunning scenery also brings responsibility; we may be fleeting guardians compared to the forces of nature, but we have a contract with our surroundings, a covenant we are often in danger of breaking.

To take a picture is to recognise the importance of what’s around you, to start a dialogue that may be silent but still says Allow a place to have its say.”

Runner Up: James Loveridge

James Loveridge is an aerial, landscape and property photographer based on the UNESCO World Heritage Jurassic Coast in Dorset.

“I first picked up photography as a hobby whilst at University in Plymouth. I always had an interest in the geography and processes on the coast, but it wasn’t until then that I combined this with photography and enjoy photographing the Jurassic Coast in my spare time.”

Blue Pool (c) Evie Pickford Youth Runner Up 2020


Have a look at our YOUTH category Winner, Runner-Ups and Commended entries to the Landscapes for Life Photo Competition 2020.

This one was taken by Evie Pickford at Blue Pool.

Highly Commended Entries

Our 9 Highly Commended entries featured in the Dorset Magazine 2021 calendar. The judges were delighted to see photographs throughout the year – the landscape looking stunning in all four seasons.

Winters train to Corfe (c) Colin Foster
Footpath to Fleet Lagoon (c) Roger Race
View from Eggardon Hill (c) Zara Huddleston
After the storm has passed (Durweston) (c) Nigel Stride
From Stoborough to eternity (c) Nigel Gidney
East Cliff at West Bay (c) Howard Tribe
Reflections on the water at Littlebredy (c) Noel Wittin
Waterfall at Osmington Mills (c) Daniel Howe
Winter illuminations at Corfe Castle (c) Chris Strong


We would also like to give a special mention to the 9 Commended entries which caught the eye of the judges but weren’t able to be incorporated into the Calendar:

  • Oran Balazs: Chesil Beach
  • Russell Clarke: Lyme Regis
  • Jessica Cooper-Dawkins: House on Hill
  • Lorraine Finney: Kimmeridge Bay
  • Graham Herbert: Abbotsbury Churchyard
  • Graham Herbert: Chesil Beach
  • Matthew Kirby: Corfe Castle
  • James Loveridge: Eggardon Hill
  • Huw Moore: Old Harry
  • Zoe Parry: Man O’ War Bay
  • Zoe Parry: Corfe Castle No. 2
  • Zoe Parry: Swyre Head
  • Simon Parvin: Logging at Durlston
  • Gillian Thomas: Abbotsbury after the rain
  • Noel Wittin: East Fleet Farm

Landscapes for Life Exhibition

The judges selected a total of 60 photos for the Landscapes for Life exhibition to celebrate 60 years of the Dorset AONB designation.

The exhibition was shown in the Fine Foundation Gallery at Durlston Country Park and also at Dorset County Hospital during 2021.

Congratulations to the other Photo Competition photographers whose work will be shown in the exhibition:

Michael Brown, Kay Browning, Ann Campbell, Russell Clarke, Sarah Colwell, Adam Cowdrill, Ava Fernandez, Lorraine Finney, David Fitzjohn, Colin Foster, Phil George, Nigel Gidney, Heather Giles, Tony Gill, Graham Herbert, Zara Huddleston, Matthew Kirby, James LaBouchardiere, William Leith, James Loveridge,  Alastair Morton, Zoe Parry, Nigel Stride, Chris Strong, Gillian Thomas, Max Trafford, Charlie Wheeler, Sarah Wheeler and Noel Wittin.