Love Maps Project - opportunity for artist / creative facilitator

We are looking for an artist or group of artists / creatives to take the lead on our Love Maps project in 2021. Closing date for quotes is 18th March 2021.

(c) Nathalie Roberts

In 2019, the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Team were delighted to receive financial support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to celebrate 60 years of the AONB designation.  We planned a programme of 9 mini-projects to engage people in different ways and although Covid-19 has disrupted the timescale of our celebrations we are keen to initiate one of the remaining project: Love Maps.

Inspired by Common Ground’s approach to parish mapping, the Love Maps project will work with one or two communities within the Dorset AONB area, taking a creative and inclusive approach to engagement. We are looking for an artist or group of artists / creatives to take the lead on this project.

Parish Maps and the creative processes involved are ways of enabling a community to create a collective expression of values, allowing people to assert their ideas; it is about taking the place in their own hands.

The Love Maps project builds on the concept of parish mapping but is much more about the process than a specific piece of creative product. The product could be a unique physical item of individual or collective creation; it could be 2D, 3D or virtual. What we want from this contract is artist-led creative facilitation within a community, leading to a collective expression of what that community loves and values within their local landscape.

This project is considered a pilot for fostering deeper community engagement with their local landscape and outputs will help guide future conservation activity.

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  • Closing date for applications is  Thursday 18th March 2021, project to be completed by end of November / early December 2021.
  • The maximum amount available for this project is £8000, which will cover artist time, material and travel.
  • For further information, please see the Love Maps Invitation to Quote below.