March 2022 update

With the majority of works having already been undertaken to complete the infrastructure ready for the release of pigs, cattle and horses later in the year, March marked the culmination of the project work.

Red Devon cows grazing (c) Kate Townsend

Progress on Infrastructure

  • Highways signed off  all the works which have been undertaken and issued a ‘Certification of Practical Completion.’
  • A new footbridge was installed at 3 Barrows.
  • Parking rationalisation has been completed. Parking areas have been created with inert stone hoggin, along Hartland to Norden road, to minimise ad-hoc parking on roadside areas of SSSI land.
New parking area along Hartland - Norden road (c) John Ferguson

Land Agency

  • Grazing licences have been prepared by three landowning agencies, for all graziers to agree & sign
  • Ongoing exchanges continue with Rural Payments Agency (RPA) regarding intended grazing management arrangements
  • Release of livestock onto Grazing Unit planned for May 2022

Ecological Monitoring

The ecology baseline report and future monitoring plan for the PHGU has been completed and signed off by all partners.

Tourism & Engagement

  • Interpretation signage, fabricated and installed at 14 sites across the National Nature Reserve (NNR). Each sign includes bespoke information relevant to its location, together with the NNR map and generic information about NNR, codes of behaviour and information about one of the local species
  • 8 Brown ‘National Nature Reserve’ signs erected at key access points across the NNR
Interpretation signage across the NNR

Purbeck Heaths Website

Visit the new Purbeck Heaths Website – full of information on how best to explore the Nature Reserve and get the best out of your visit in a nature friendly way.

Leaflet & Map

Download a copy the new leaflet & map to help you plan your visit to  the Purbeck Heaths National Nature Reserve.

(c) Kai Bossom

Sustainable Tourism Plan

Created with local stakeholders, this plan will help effectively manage visitor pressures on the landscape and its local communities while ensuring we can all enjoy this amazing place.