This year there has been an enormous surge in random acts of kindness as everyone strives to bring positivity back into their lives. Whilst a lot of people do kind gestures all the time, this special day is a lovely way to recognise the value of these gestures and to look at some other ways you can help spread kindness.

If you want to get involved, we have a few suggestions of nature inspired acts of kindness;

Seasons of Stories Book

1. SOW some special memories

If you know someone, a friend, neighbour or grandparent, that is finding the increased isolation hard then gift them a beautifully designed, hard cover and nature inspired book. The book Seasons of Stories Autumn brings nature back into your life, through a collection of themes, country tradition and folklore inspired by autumn. It is designed to prompt memory, conversation and reflection without the need to step outside, perfect for those that find it difficult to get outdoors and enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of connecting to nature.

Uplyme Walk (c) Steph Aburrow

2. BRANCH out to others

Help others enjoy the sights and sounds of Dorset by sharing a story, photo or video from where ever you have been in  Dorset. The Stepping into Nature Community Group on Facebook is a safe and friendly place to share your love of nature with others and help make everyone feel as though they are experiencing Dorset throughout Autumn.

Poem written by Memory Cafe Groups

3. Let your creativity BLOSSOM

Whilst it has been harder than usual to keep in touch with others, why not post a a letter about a walk outdoors or draw a picture of nature and pop it in the post for others to enjoy. If your in the creative spirit but not sure who to send it to then the Jolly Good Postal Service are welcoming new pen pals so get creative hats on see what postal delights you can create. If you know someone that would like to receive something in the post then you can register them too.

Read more about Jolly Good Postal Service.

There are so many other ways to be kind but we hope this helps you or someone your love in some way.

Look after yourselves,

The Stepping into Nature team 🙂