New trees for Asker Meadow Nature Reserve

The Asker Meadows Nature Reserve project (ANRP) has been granted new trees and hedges for the area, following a successful grant application to the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty team (Dorset AONB).

Volunteers are being sought to help with this special planting of trees at 1pm on Saturday 7th December, meeting by the new benches near Morrisons. They will be joined by representatives of the Bridport Area Tree Planting Campaign, pupils from Colfox School and members of ANRP.

This will follow a tree planting session on Tuesday 26 November, to which the Hughes Unit Group and Stepping into Nature​ ​Volunteers ​are invited.

(c) Wendy Cutts

The trees (saplings) are all native species from the Woodland Trust and the grant is from the Sustainable Development Fund, via the AONB. Further sponsorship has been pledged by the Woodman Inn. The 420 tree whips are hawthorn, crab apple, wild cherry, silver birch, rowan and hazel, which will provide even more biodiversity in the reserve. It follows the revised management plan for Askers Meadow and New Zealand which identified the areas for tree planting.

Brian Atkinson, ANRP Secretary, said: “This increase in hedges and trees will be a real benefit to Asker Meadows – an area enjoyed by so many, both living in and visiting Bridport. We are hugely grateful for all of the support so far and would love local residents to make a difference to their environment by joining us to plant a tree! We would like to thank Bridport Town Council for its help and ongoing management of the areas. ”

Volunteers at work

For more information on volunteering ​please contact Mike Bulgin by email: or join the group on 7th December wearing ​appropriate footwear, warm/waterproof clothing and something to kneel on.