Poetic Sparks in Dorset Parks

The summer season of poetry walks and workshops are in full swing, with creative and stimulating sessions in Bridport, Weymouth, Dorchester, Wareham, & Portland.

Activities to do outdoors, draw a picture, write a poem, create a story...

The aim is to explore and enjoy creativity outdoors and experience nature on our doorstep with fresh eyes, ears and all of the senses…together! There are chances to listen to other poetry, reflect and write.

Below are two amazing poems by Julia on the Portland Poetry Walk. Both are inspired by Victoria Gardens Park, where the group spent a fun morning talking, thinking and enjoying the views. Thank you for letting us share these Julia!

Describe the colour
I sat among the plants.
It was like lazing in a bed of salad.
Crisp colour with the taste of olive oil.
Soapy.  Nourishing.  Grazeable.
The colour of new life and promises.
Soft and sharp.
and all at once,
Delicate and masterful.

How to watch Daisies
Be still… until…
their quivering subsides and they accept your presence.
Prepare… to share…
their yellow stamens with other visitors.
Try… if you can…
to see how the pink bud opens into pure white rays.

How unalike they are, like us
Trembling a little as we grow and develop
Attracting admirers – some who stay too long!
But we all like the sun on our face.

By Julia Calleja

Feedback from the sessions has been fantastic…

“Thank you so much Sarah for leading us through that contemplative, meditative little journey today, the park really works as a source of ideas / words.”

“I took away insight, fellowship and inspiration.”