Emma is an Integrative therapist, and for the past five years has supported bereaved young people, adults and families on their individual grief journeys. Over the past two years, Emma’s therapeutic work has evolved alongside nature, combining shinrin yoku (forest bathing) interventions with her creative and intuitive counselling style.

Emma Pritchard at Thorncombe Woods

Emma’s love of nature started as a free spirited Staffordshire girl spending long summer holidays in her local woodland. What she didn’t know then was that she would continue to use nature as a source of comfort and healing throughout her own life transitions, and how nature would become a base for both her therapeutic work, and time with her family in Dorset.

Emma’s moments in nature have reminded her of the light and love that surround her during tough life transitions; simply noticing the small wonders; the purple heather carpet over heath land, blackberries in the hedgerow, the brilliant red breast of a robin, the sunshine yellow of spring flowers, and the green tones of the trees that stand tall and strong . Emma named these moments in nature “sparkles”, and some of her favourite sparkles over the years have been the most amazing sunsets, skies with candy floss clouds and kisses, and glistening sparkly seas.

Emma offers both therapeutic group Self-Care stomps and one to one therapy in the beautiful Thorncombe Woods , to support the positive mental, physical and spiritual well being of Dorset individuals. Emma has been able to provide a low cost therapy service throughout 2019 with the support of the Stepping into Nature team, and is very thankful to Claire Platten who is one of the rangers at Thorncombe Woods for championing her Stomps from the beginning of 2018.

Forest Sparkles - Copyright Emma Pritchard

Recently supporting the Dorset helpers; teachers and NHS professionals, Emma initally created her Self-Care stomps to support individuals affected by a bereavement and/or a loss to help process and care for overwhelming grief feelings. Her stomps have also supported carers, individuals who would like to re identify with themselves after a tough life transition or illness, and anyone who would like to understand more about the importance of self-care and time for themselves amongst busy day to day lives.

Emma also runs Self-Care sparkles school groups to help encourage young people to identify and express their feelings.Emma is passionate about encouraging both adults and young people to reconnect with nature as a source of healing and to reconnect with themselves. She plans to combine her Self-Care sparkles and stomps for young people and disconnected families going forward into 2020.

Stomp group - Copyright Emma Pritchard

Emma has recently launched Self-Care Sparkles Captures, a photographic project developed by Chris Coleman and Minka Oak Rhind. Emma, Chris and Minka would like to spread their nature sparkles to individuals who are currently housebound, or experiencing long term stays in hospital and hospices. Please visit https://www.facebook.com/selfcaresparklescaptures to visit and order photographs in 2020.

Emma’s 2019 stompers recently shared positive feedback about their stomp journey including being with like minded people who have a love of nature, and noticing increased self-awareness, self-confidence, and self- resilience as they have reconnected with themselves throughout their 2019 stomps.

Please follow https://www.facebook.com/selfcaresparkle to find out more about Emma’s future events in 2020, and to see her client testimonials in both words and video form. Please contact Emma to find out more about how you could sign up for your own 2020 Stomp process either via facebook or on 07426 959038.

Emma’s first stomp of 2020 is NEW YEAR NEW YOU on Friday 3rd January at 1.30pm, followed by LOVE YOU Stomp on Friday 14th February at 10am

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