What we are up to

The River Asker has been classed by the Environment Agency as in poor condition.  We have been working with the communities of Loders, Uploders and Askerwell since 2018 to help improve the condition of the river. The main issues were set out in a State of the River Asker report, along with an action plan.  To date we have:

  • Engaged with over 100 people directly, including eight skilled citizen scientists
  • Delivered 1.5km of habitat improvements and 3km of natural flood management covering the headwaters of the catchment.
  • Undertaken 15ha of improved land management and 400m of new hedges for the benefit of the water environment, in partnership with local landowners
  • Cleared 12km of invasive Himalayan balsam from the riverbanks
  • Benefited from at least 700 hours of community effort.