See the Trees

Join us as we celebrate our trees and woodlands this winter. Head down to the woods for a leaf crunching stroll and some tree ID, as we share some locations of choice timbers to visit and help you notice the difference between a Beech and a Birch.

Trees in Winter

Take a closer look at trees this winter! Without their summer greenery, their beautiful silhouettes bring a bit of drama to the winter landscape … especially at dawn and dusk.

Winter is the perfect time to get to know your trees better. Having lost their leaves, a bare tree reveals lots of clues to a tree’s identity.

Bare is good!

At this time of year you can get a really good look at the bark but also the shape of the branches and twigs too.

The Tree Council have a very simple guide to identifying trees based on taking a closer look at the three B’s – Branches, Bark and Buds! Have a look at their winter ID webpage and see if you can recognise a few more trees when you are next out and about.

Wet and windy out but you need some fresh air to blow away the cobwebs? Woodlands are a great place to head to as the trees will shelter you from the worst of the winter weather.

Have a look at our pick of 12 great woodlands to visit over the winter season.

Rampisham (c) Tony Gill

Winter tree quiz

Once you’ve taken a closer look at winter trees, have a go at the Woodland Trust’s winter tree quiz … a good test of your Branch, Bud and Bark spotting skills.

Visit the Woodland Trust website

Tree identification app

Or let your phone do all the work! Download the new Woodland Trust Tree ID app and find the name and all sorts of interesting facts about the trees you come across when out and about.

And you can save all your favourite trees on the app … a good reminder of trips out and to test yourself when you get home!

And lastly …

The Dorset National Landscape team have been out and about the winter – hop over to Instagram and have a look at reels of their favourite trees, with top tips to identify them in winter.

Photos, thanks to: 

  • Winter Sunset, Wardon Hill (c) Graham Herbert
  • Snowy woodland (c) Tony Gill
  • Winter trees at Rampisham (c) Tony GillWinter trees (c) Zara Huddleston