Fingerpost Restoration Continues

Dorset’s iconic fingerpost signs continue to be restored despite lockdown.

There are over 750 fingerposts in the Dorset AONB. Their unique design make them a treasured heritage feature of our area.

Ryme Fingerpost restoration
Totnell Corner Fingerpost restoration

Roger Bond (Normtec) who co-ordinates our Fingerpost restoration project has continued to be busy, working alone from his home workshop on the on-going restoration of various worn out fingerposts throughout the Dorset AONB.

Despite the pressures and strains of lockdown and without his usual cohort of support from Blandford Men’s Shed and others, Roger has been busy assisting local parishes to restore several fingerposts to their former glory.

At the moment Roger is working on approximately 30 fingerpost signs, including 3 complete restorations in Studland.

Fingerpost restoration is a pain-staking process, which takes a lot of time and patience. However, once complete it is extremely rewarding for all and a wonderful legacy for future generations to enjoy.

We are extremely proud and thankful to Roger for all the time, hard work and dedication he gives to the project.

A restored signpost