Dorset Fingerpost Project

Fingerposts are a common feature of the Dorset countryside and their design is thought to be unique. Along with other roadside features like traditional phone boxes and bridge plates, they contribute to local character.
Of the approximately 1,285 fingerposts thought to exist in the 1950s, just 717 survive today. Some of the 717 originals have been repaired using non-traditional materials or lettering, and others are in need of some care and attention.

Now the Local Authority no longer has a remit to repair them, we are keen to support local ‘Fingerpost Champions’ to save these fingerposts from extinction and restore them back to their former glory.

With your help and support we can keep these local treasures and retain some of our local distinctiveness.

Become a Dorset Fingerpost Champion

If you are interested in restoring a fingerpost in your local area, the Dorset National Landscape Fingerpost project can support you.
Champions can be small community groups, Parish Councils, individuals, a local business or maybe you’re a tradesman who can offer workshop space or skilled services.

We now have over 400 signs being restored by communities groups, and individuals.

How we can help

  1. See our Fingerpost Restoration Guide below and practical information which will help you through the process
  2. Be inspired by other Fingerpost Champions
  3. Get support from CPRE small grant fund, see below.
Signpost at Ryme Intrinseca

Fingerpost Restoration Guide

Dorset National Landscape now have access to components and services that can help you restore these posts back to their formal glory.

As a start, have a look at our Dorset Fingerpost Restoration Guide to help you understand the processes involved. Once you are ready to start, you may find these additional Dorset contacts helpful:

General advice and support plus archive information
Please contact us on and we will be very happy to discuss the process, along with providing the information and advice that you will need.

Skilled workmanship, quotes and practical advice
As well as complete refurbishment, Roger Bond at Normtec can provide all the materials, practical advice and help need to complete your project. Email

New cast Letters and Finials
Stephen Coles of Coles Castings who is based just outside Shaftesbury. Email

Help with maintenance
If cost is an issue then we are delighted to offer the services of the Dorchester and Blandford Mens Sheds, producing work to an excellent standard, please email Roger Bond for further information –

Taking care of yourselves
Whilst we want you to have fun and enjoy your spotting and restoration, we also require you to take care extreme care. Please act responsibly, look out for passing traffic, take care around what can be fragile fingerposts. Take any safety precautions that you feel necessary, eg. warning triangles, a helper to watch for traffic, and should you require a fluorescent visible jacket then please contact Kate Townsend, Project Support Officer

CPRE small grant scheme

The CPRE offer a small grants scheme for people wanting to restore fingerposts using the correct materials as set out in the Dorset National Landscape.

Match funding is not required and there is no application form, but the CPRE ask that requests come from a Parish Council representative, (or similar), with a summary of the fingerpost(s) that need repairing, their location(s) and details of who the cheque needs to be made payable to.

The CPRE are covering the whole of the county of Dorset, and are prepared to award between £100-£200 per post.

To find out more contact Linda Williams on or Tel: 0333 577 0360.