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Like many, the Dorset AONB team, have been working at home for the past few weeks. We have all found ourselves in different situations, from caring for relatives and entertaining young family, to cuddling needy pets and just keeping boredom at bay! Life has changed rapidly and we are all having to adapt quickly, overcome challenges and find our new ‘normals’. However through all these changes there is one constant, connection, helping to keep people in good spirits, active and engaged in positive ways. Connection can be found through:

1. Connection with people

Maintain and build connections with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours. Make the effort and pick up the phone, write a letter, send an email or say ‘hello’ to a passing stranger. No matter how small the act it CAN, and WILL, make a difference and is likely to put everyone involved in better spirits!

A Dorset community group have set up the free ‘Jolly Good Postal Service’ helping to make someone’s day with a cheery card, letter or picture through the post designed by . They have have specially designed postcards plus beautiful drawings and letters written and created by local school children to send out. Find out more here

2. Connection with nature

If you have been paying attention to ‘Stepping into Nature’ then you know we are big advocates for connecting to nature. Nature is great for mind, body and spirit and maintaining the connection is especially poignant under current circumstances. Take notice and engage your senses either on walks, in the garden or through an open window. There are lots of simple activities available to help you engage – no matter your age!

(c) Katie Wilkinson

3. Connection with skills

Connect with past, current and even future skills. Using or learning new skills brings purpose into the day and can motivate people to start the day and bring a sense of achievement at the end of the day. There is so much you could do paint, garden, learn a language, identify wildlife……the opportunities are endless! Give it a go and keep active!

Poem written during a poetry activity with Sarah Acton

And finally....

People are doing incredible things in Dorset – please help where you can and ask for help when you need it. Thank you to everyone helping to keep people safe and well. We are proud to live in Dorset and wish everyone all the best.

Please stay at home, stay safe and save lives.