Blog 12 - Picnic in the Parks is moving to an exciting new platform

Read about the transition of the popular Picnic in the Park events to an exciting new virtual platform to help live well and love nature.

Like many have experienced, Covid-19 came along and dramatically changed the way we work. One big change, as part of the Stepping into Nature project, was the cancellation of the ever growing Picnic in the Park events across Dorset.

The Picnic in the Park events are held to help people to live well and love nature by aiding connections to local organisations and community groups. They are run in parks and have an upbeat atmosphere with live music and opportunities to try out local activities they are interested in, meet like-minded people and gather local information.

It is more important than ever that we find ways to live well and love nature for our health and happiness so, whilst we couldn’t run such as large and interactive event, we were set on finding another way. Read more about the events started and were delivered.

And so the zoom discussions began with the core organisations involved in Picnic in the Parks events – Natural Choices, Active Dorset and Stepping into Nature. Together we decided the best way forward was to capture the parts of the events that people love (fun, interactive, informative and free) and develop into virtual platform that people can access anytime and from anywhere.

Fast forward a few months and the team has expanded with designers, illustrators and web developers to help give Picnic in the Park branding a refresh, create a fun Dorset inspired park map and ensure the new site is easy to use.

Local organisations have began sharing or creating interactive activities to help people connect to the wildlife, landscape, history and culture in Dorset and promote healthy, happy living.

We can now excitingly share with you the beginnings of Picnic in the Parks through our taster page of activities.

A taste of the new Picnic in the Parks

We’re excited to announce that ‘Picnic in the Parks’ – our popular park events to help people live well and love nature – are being transformed to a fun online resource hub.

Like the events, the hub will be a rich pool of local information, interactive activities and taster sessions. And what’s better, it’ll grow over time and will be available whenever you feel like stepping into the virtual park!

We are still busy behind the scenes, making the new website as good as good as it can be but until then please enjoy the activities on offer through our taster page.

To find out when the full Picnic in the Park is launched please follow us on social media @stepin2nature or sign up the newsletter .