Since 2017 the Stepping into Nature project has been helping people overcome barriers to access and enjoy nature in Dorset. To deliver the project they have worked very closely with variety local partners from health, environment and art sectors, to deliver inclusive nature-based activities. The project team now wish to share everything they have learnt to help others deliver similar projects.

Stepping into Nature Project Coordinator Jules Hammon said:

“ Delivering Stepping into Nature has not always been plain sailing, over time we out found what works and what didn’t work. Our approach has always been to be transparent and open in the way we work with partners. The hope would be that others learn from us and are able to take elements from the guide that will help them develop and deliver a similar project. It is designed to help understand how and why we took this route, aimed at people who are thinking about how they can work with a consortium of different partners to deliver a shared aim.” Read the full guide here.

Over 3 years of delivery, the Stepping into Nature project has made a positive difference to the health of wellbeing of people living in Dorset. Participants learnt new skills, made new friends and felt more connected to nature. A full evaluation, carried out in partnership with Public Health Dorset, evidences the full impact on the participants. Read the full report “Impact of inclusive nature-based activities”.  Alternatively you can view the summary infographic’s on impact to participants and impact to community groups and participants.

The Stepping into Nature Project is led by Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty team and is supported by the National Lottery Community Fund.