Dorset Community Tree Fund

The Dorset Community Tree Fund is funded by Dorset Council, co-ordinated by the Dorset National Landscape Team and supports projects across the Dorset Council area.  The fund aims to support parish and town councils and their communities with their plans for planting and caring for trees in their patch.

About the fund

Trees are important for many reasons – they support wildlife, slow water, capture and store carbon, filter and cool air, and contribute to our collective culture and memories, health and wellbeing.   The Dorset Community Tree Fund aims to support communities with their plans for planting and caring for trees locally so that they can help ensure that our trees – old and new – are managed to benefit wildlife, climate and communities.

The fund is open to community organisations in the Dorset Council area, especially parish and town councils and schools, along with constituted community groups.  It will remain open with a rolling application window until all funds are allocated (we expect this to be by March 2025).  Whilst there is no maximum grant, as an indication we’d expect any applications above £1,000 to show exceptional impact and value for money.  Applicants must show at least 25% ‘match funding’ from other sources: this does not have to be cash and can include volunteer time and donations in kind.

Projects must:

  • be on land in the Dorset Council area
  • have some public access
  • have necessary permissions in place (landowner, statutory bodies, etc)
  • have the support of the community and parish/town council where appropriate

We particularly welcome applications to support the planning & design phase of tree planting projects (‘Stage 1’); a follow-on ‘Stage 2’ application can be submitted for the planting itself (subject to available funds).  If you’re ready to go straight for a planting grant we’ll need details including the location, a scale plan of the project, what species and size trees you’ll be planting, and evidence of landowner or other permissions required and community support.  We’d also like to see details of how you will procure, establish and maintain your trees: this doesn’t have to be complicated but should show that you have thought about issues such as sustainability and value for money in your plans.

Other eligible items and activities include:

  • tools and equipment for planting and maintenance
  • hedge projects: new planting, hedge-laying, gapping up or adding hedgerow trees
  • setting up or extending a community orchard or tree nursery
  • events or interpretation materials to engage communities.

You can find some useful information here:   Resources for community tree projects

You can find the guidance notes, application form, finance form and terms & conditions for the fund below.   Do get in touch if you’d like an informal discussion before you prepare your application:

Contact: Jill Hearing, Project Officer


 Phone: 01305 228273

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