We’ve come up with some great ideas for you to bring nature into your lives from the comfort of your home this summer.

We know there’s lots of reasons that make getting out into the countryside difficult. Our Stepping into Nature project have lots of ideas to help bring nature indoors. This means that you can benefit from Dorset’s wonderful Natural Health Service, whether you can get out and about or not.

Here are just a handful of ideas and activities to enjoy the landscape from your laptop.

Seasons of Stories Summer audiobook

Our Stepping into Nature team created the evocative ‘Seasons of Stories’ book collection, designed to bring the very essence of nature to your home. They are delighted to share the audio version of the Summer book, narrated by storyteller Martin Maudsley and poet Sarah Acton.

You can enjoy journeying through the chapters of summer told through story, poetry, traditions and imagery, by listening to the audio, viewing the book online or downloading a copy to print.

Download the Summer book and listen to the summer stories

'Blissful Blue Skies' Swyre Head (c) Winona Harrod

Naturally beautiful places

If you want to get absorbed in the beauty of the Dorset landscape from home then these short films showcase some of our top spots and hidden gems.

About a minute long, you’ll see the highlights of these places and you’ll get a sense of what to expect and  how accessible they are for a potential visit.

Click here to watch the films

Poole Harbour (c) Sue Macpherson ARPS

Watch the birds

No need for binoculars, enjoy watching the Birds of Poole harbour on their live webcam footage.

This includes the incredible Osprey nest as featured on  this year’s BBC Springwatch.

Click here to watch

Hive Beach (c) Kevin Freeman

Breath in the landscape

An innovative new experience that brings the breath-taking Dorset landscape to you.
Dorset Mind have created a virtual experience called ‘My Dorset Mind’ that allows you to escape to your favourite  landscape, in your mind if not in body.

More ideas

You can find lots more activities and ideas on the Stepping into Nature Picnic in the Parks webpages.