Feel on top of the world

Stunning 360 degree views across West Dorset and the Jurassic Coast but also a good place to kite fly, picnic and lots of space for haring around.

You can’t help but feel refreshed when you come here. Stunning panoramic views across West Dorset and the Jurassic Coast but the bracing air also make it a great place for flying a kite, striding along the ramparts and feeling on top of the world.

Part of the South Dorset Ridgeway ancient landscape, Eggardon was shaped into a hillfort over 2000 years ago but has remained an important landmark – even Dorset smuggler Isaac Gulliver used it as a seamark for his ships in the 18th century.

Although not quite as big as nearby Maiden Castle, Eggardon is also a Iron Age hillfort but has arguably better views – a great place to watch the sunset!

Eggardon at sunset (c) Tony Gil

The southern half of the hillfort is owned by the National Trust with open access and footpaths around the hillfort ramparts.

The National Trust graze the area to benefit wildlife – the grassland on the ramparts is very rich in wildflowers as they haven’t been ploughed. If you come here in spring and early summer, take a closer look at the wildflowers and the butterflies and insects that love them.

Eggardon wildflowers (c) Tony Gill

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