Blog 15 - Celebrating our achievements

All too often we are so busy ticking of tasks from a list and hastily moving onto the next ‘to do’ that we forget to stop and take a moment to reflect on what we have just done.

Leaf Window (C) Stepping into Nature

What a year!

The rolling on of a new year is always the perfect reminder to take a moment to become reflective and look at what has been achieved over the previous year. It always comes as a surprise as you begin to list the tasks and can feel a sense of pride creeping in. What’s more is it gives us a massive boost to strive to achieve the same, and more, for the following year!

Your Seasons of Stories workshop (C) Stepping into Nature

And with that, here's some of the achievements we are celebrating from Stepping into Nature in 2021!

• Over 350 Seasons of Stories Spring books were posted to connect people to nature through poetry, stories and conversation.
• Over 270 History Walk Guides were posted to connect people to the special towns and villages in Dorset
• Launched Picnic in the Parks, a website that helps people live well and love nature which has been viewed over 2500 times. 3 lucky people also won the Dorset Food and Drink hampers for  providing feedback.
• Launched Nature Buddies linking with 5 organisations
• Delivered over 25 group activities including History Walks, Calm in the Countryside and Your Seasons of Stories artist led sessions
• Provided £6000 in grants to communities and organisations in Dorset
• Launched Health and Nature Dorset with partners to help organisations work better and stronger together in Dorset.
• Been awarded £45 000 for Your Seasons of Stories project and £50 000 for the Thriving Communities Nature Buddies partnership project
• Recruited freelancers including 4 artists, a filmmaker, a designer and various other specialist roles, and expanded our wider team with a Health and Nature Dorset Project Assistant

Your Seasons of Stories Workshop (C) Stepping into Nature

Just want to say thank you so much for planning such a beautiful session for my little group, we all thoroughly enjoyed it. What a really super start to the year.

- Your Seasons of Stories Feedback