What makes a great landscape photo? We’ve come up with some top tips for looking at the landscape in a different light.

If you feel inspired, enter your photos in the ‘Take a Dorset View’ Photo Competition is now open to entries, with over £500 worth of prizes on offer. Send us your best shots of Dorset’s outstanding landscape by 31st July 2023.

Blue Pool (c) Evie Pickford Youth Runner Up 2020

What's your view of the Dorset landscape?

We all have our own take on what is special about Dorset. Often, top of that list is a stunning landscape that people hold dear to them.

The Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (Dorset AONB) Partnership, together with Dorset magazine, invite you to share your view of what makes Dorset special by entering the Take a Dorset View photography competition.

Open to entries until  31st July 2023, the ‘Take a Dorset View’ photo competition aims to celebrate the outstanding landscapes of Dorset. By showcasing the winning images in the Dorset magazine 2024 calendar, a touring exhibition and new Explore leaflet, ‘Take a Dorset View’ will share the love for Dorset’s landscapes far and wide.

You can find out more about Take a Dorset View 2023 photo competition here but keep scrolling down for some ideas of how to take a fantastic landscape photo!

More to the landscape than iconic views ...

The classic mist-ridden landscapes photos of Dorset are awe inspiring but the essence of a landscape can also be captured in the detail or a special moment with your phone.

St Catherine’s Chapel by Tony Gill

(c) Nathalie Amagat Roberts

... it can be quirky too

Judges of the Dorset AONB 2010 photo competition loved this fungi image from Powerstock Common – it really summed up the spirit of that place for them.

Keep your eyes peeled for the unusual as well as the beautiful.

(c) Nathalie Roberts

Swyre Head (c) Oscar de Wit Dorset NL

… and it’s great to see people enjoying the outdoors

Our judges are really keen to see people out and about enjoying the landscape. Next time you are out with family or friends (even the 4-legged kind!) – see if you can capture what the landscape means to them. It might be a favourite tree to swing on or your go-to beach to let off steam … or simply a fantastic view that makes you jump for joy!

(c) Oscar DeWit

.... whatever the weather

We see lots of photos from the summer but actually we love to see that people have been out and about whatever the weather. Your favourite places will change from season to season, tide to tide and knowing Dorset’s weather, from day to day too.

Grab a coat and go see what it looks like today!

Hive Beach at low tide(c) Paul Haynes

Totem (c) Sian Lister

... zoom in to beauty on your doorstep

We don’t need to stray too far from home to find some natural beauty. Explore the wild life and surprising views on your doorstep – even in town, it’s all around us!

Totem (c) Sian Lister

Winner of 2020 Photo Competition (c) James LaBouchardiere

Take a look at our 2020 Photo Competition winners for inspiration

Our 2020 Photo Competition gave us an amazing insight into your favourite landscapes, with over 500 images entered into the OPEN category. Take a look at the winners from the Open and Youth categories for inspiration.

Coast Path (c) James LaBoucharderie

Explore some locations