Connect to nature: Summer book giveaway!

A limited-edition book of seasonal nature-inspired writing and stunning imagery is being offered for free by the Stepping into Nature project to help people in Dorset connect to and enjoy nature from any setting.

Seasons of Stories Summer journeys through the chapters of summer told through story, poetry, traditions and imagery and is designed to prompt you own memories, conversations, and reflections.

Stepping into Nature helps connect adults in Dorset with their local landscape, wildlife, culture and history. So far the project has created a Seasons of Stories Autumn and Spring book and is currently creating Winter to be released later this year to complete the full cycle of the year.

Stepping into Nature Project Officer Steph Aburrow said:

“We love creating these Seasons of Stories books. Both Autumn and Spring were received so well by those that downloaded a copy or got a hard copy book. We continue to get amazing feedback about the quality of design, stunning imagery and creative text. We hope people will love summer as much, or if not even more, than the previous books as we continue to engage closely with communities and make them even better. We are grateful for the support of National Lottery Community Funding which has enabled us to share these books for free’.

Camping on a summers night: extract from the Seasons of Stories Summer book

The book has been written and put together by the creative team made up of Martin Maudsley, (storyteller), Sarah Acton (poet), Julie Hammon and Steph Aburrow, (Stepping into Nature project team) and Spike Goulding, (designer) along with thoughts from the local community.

Professional landscape poet and creative facilitator, Sarah Acton said:

“The Summer book follows the arc of the sun from dawn to dusk, both my favourite times of day for summer walks and swims immersed in bright birdsong, gentle light, and energy. This book is alive with bustle, heat and vibrant sights, smells, sounds and colours of summer inspired by various Dorset landscapes. It’s a beautiful book and I’m very proud to be part of the Seasons of Stories team – our shared love of place, nature and seasonal connection goes into every page! We hope to inspire readers to get outside, remember favourite places and summery connections, and perhaps enjoy bringing nature indoors with a pebble, posy or summer fruits. We’d love to hear how the book lands with you so please do let us know.”

Summers days: Extract from the Seasons of Stories Summer book

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The Stepping into Nature project is led by the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty partnership and funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. Find out more about Stepping into Nature.